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Our Classes

Pre Nursery

Pre Nursery - Happy Hours

Playway method is being used effectively so that studnets learn until playing. Drawing Coloring and Sweet Rhymes, Poems, Interesting stories are part of curriculum.



Counting, Cursive Writing Letters, Counting till 100 and Rhymes, Poems are part of the curruculum. paper activites like tear and paste and many more make the curriculum more interesting and easy to learn for students.


Kindergarten (K.G)

A collection of beautiful Rhymes poems, counting till 300, Punjabi Varnamala, Hindi joining words are part of curriculum activities of paper, outdoor activities are in routine to make the child feel attentive to learn.


Annual function 2016

Welcome Dance

Birthday Celebration

Celebrating Child's Birthday

Republic Day 2016

Group Dance

Annual Day

Little Angel's Dance

Kids Zoo

See animal pictures and listen sounds.

Fun Class

Learning is fun.

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Lord's International School, Sanghol

The Lord's International School is part of the Lord Rana Education City, Sanghol is located on Ludhiana-Chandigarh highway. It provides to the rural youth educational opportunities that emphasize skills & knowledge which will allow the student to adjust through a lifetime of social and technological change. Bridging the gap between the urban and rural education standards by cementing with new technological pedagogy.


The vision of starting this new wing is to renew the existing pre- school education by nurturing the excellence in the roots of innocent minds of the area by using Hi – Tech KIDZ learning.


The main AIM of starting a unique school in the form of LORD’s International School is to make a toddler a self independent personality to face the world with a challenge.


Our MOTTO of starting this school is to give your child a unique level of education at par with the best schools of the world.

Our Management Team

Lord Diljit Rana


Ms. Urmil Verma

Executive Director

Contact Us


  • VPO. Sanghol Tehsil : Khamano Distt : Fatehgarh Sahib (Pb) 140802
  • principal.uprs@cordia.edu.in
  • 01628-255931 & +91 9915699381