Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor in Business Administration program help you develop your business acumen and management capabilities through an innovative program built on the expertise of the experienced faculty and practitioners. Your career in business world and be a leader in companies and organizations, this BBA program gives you the technical knowledge and leadership skills you need. Those looking for a professionals , this program provides clarity and deep insights into the dynamics of Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and International Business.

The students of BBA have an added advantages and to develop communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and management skills. Learn the application and strategic use of the knowledge and skills you acquire in areas like personnel management, organizational behavior, production management, international business, and small business.

Major courses are designed to teach goal setting, staffing, employment procedures, wage plans, human resource, organizational leadership, conflict resolution, operations management, inventory planning, strategic function, and global management. We employ a host of innovative learning tools and methods that redefine how business is studies. As in corporate life, teamwork will be essential to your success. You will work on case studies and projects with others and achieve results as a team. Students work very closely with faculty, recognized experts from outside, and leading practitioners to understand the complexities and the operations of companies in the real world.

Students also get an opportunity to connect with corporate leaders and investors on a regular basis on the campus. The program is designed to provide to each students knowledge, skills, and understanding of the subject but also ensures the overall development of the students through a well-designed personality development program.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Provide students with a broad range of managerial capabilities, the capacity for critical thinking, communication and problem‐solving skills, legal and ethical behavior;
  • Prepare graduates for diverse careers in global management, administration and entrepreneurship through a well‐rounded business education with a focus on global business operations, emerging markets and technology‐enabled organizations; and
  • Expose students to both general and specialized curriculum content through core courses, specializations and electives ‐ students are encouraged to select their electives from the Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Have self-knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge to enhance effectiveness;
  • Understand and apply communication models and effective communication skills, at the individual and group levels;
  • Understand and apply leadership skills at the individual and group levels;
  • Understand and apply team‐based knowledge and skills;
  • Understand and apply conflict management and negotiation skills required to achieve individual and institutional objectives.
  • The capacity to analyze, evaluate and interpret data;
  • The ability to select and/or develop appropriate decision making models and generate outcome scenarios;
  • The skills to apply both rational and creative problem solving techniques at the individual and group levels;
  • The ability to find, gather and source pertinent data, including the ability to discriminate between and select from various sources using the criteria of authority, currency, and fitness for purpose;