Bachelor of Computer Applications

3 Year Full Time Course

An Undergraduate Degree Course in the field of computer applications, enabling students to acquire sound knowledge in the basic and significant areas of computer science. The course spread over 6 Semesters, broadly, inculcates knowledge of working components of computer system, such as its basic physical structure, software enabling the hardware to carry out its functions, knowledge of programming languages and tools to the students, and development of computer programmes, such as networking, conducting online business, hardware manufacturing and integration.

The students with the Bachelor of Computer Applications are professionals with ability to carry out analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems and computer applications, demonstrate their abilities to developing software, and skills to address problems in the computer systems and software applications.

Learning Experiences
  1. Programming Languages, like C, C++, Java etc., to design and develop software.
  2. Conceptual understanding and knowledge of software development life cycle enabling the students to design successful software.
  3. Understanding of basics of the organization and structure of computer system, namely internal structure, memory composition, storage, operating system, processor and their attributes.
  4. Use of mathematics in computer science for the purpose of building logics and algorithms.
  5. Basics of computer networks to understand the world of computer connectivity via LAN and Web.
  6. Abilities to understand the concepts of storing and accessing data with the use of database management tools.

Course Outcomes
  1. Job placements in industry (production and manufacturing, banking, insurance, media, advertising and the like) as programmers, networking professionals, graphic designers and other such positions requiring knowledge of computer applications.
  2. The world of computer applications requiring computer application demonstrative abilities is very vast and diverse, the students doing this course have the options to work as programmers, software development and design, in companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Wipro, Infosys etc. as per their abilities suing to the needs of the industry.
  3. Numerous job opportunities are coming up in the government, public and private sector as well as opportunities of self employment for the students.
  4. In order to further enhance the skills and qualifications, the students are eligible to opt for MCA and other related areas of computer skills development.

Duration 3 year full time course divided in 6 semesters
Eligibility 10 + 2 With 50% Marks